Things I think I think that I'm 100% certain about

-I'm not watching the National Championship game this Monday. And it's not because I'm an OU fan. It's because 1) Alabama is going to win and exert their dominance AGAIN 2) I can't handle SEC! SEC! chants from the stands considering both teams are from the SEC and this is inevitable and 3) it's going to be a boring game. Most likely it's going to be relatively low scoring and one of those typical "defensive struggle" SEC games. Not gonna watch. Don't try to convince me to either.


-The Astros are going to visit the White House for their championship....AS THEY SHOULD. I don't care who is in office, if you get invited to the White House, you go. In fact, if you disagree with the President, which it seems, according to the media, 99% of people do when in reality about 50% of people do, you should absolutely go and at least try to start whatever dialogue you want. It's just plain dumb when people say they aren't going or wouldn't go if invited. I'm glad the Astros are going and whoever wins the Super Bowl should go too. Can you imagine what that would be like? Especially since there will be at least a handful of players from the winning team that kneeled during the anthem? Would Trump say never mind you aren't invited? The media will run with this story for weeks. 


-If you haven't seen Carmelo Anthony's post game interview from Thursday night after they beat the Clippers, do yourself a favor and go google it. This was after midnight in the central time zone, so there's no way there were a ton of Thunder fans watching at that point, but the Thunder broadcast didn't bleep anything out when Melo got water poured on his head and had some choice words.  You could see Nick Gallo's life flash before his eyes. He sometimes works the sidelines and started laughing after Melo went all bleepity bleep but you know he was like I can't believe that just happened, Presti please don't fire me. You know the Thunder organization flipped when this happened also and he's gonna be fined a ton of money. But it was pretty funny. 


-I literally can't think at all when my kids are screaming. If both kids are crying, my brain totally shuts off. I realized this the other day when I was running pushing both of them in the mini shopping cart we have and they both flew out and started wailing (they're fine, relax). It's all fun and games until kids start crying. Anyway, they are both crying and I'm just standing there like is everybody ok? I realized I can't think or do anything when they're crying. It's horrible. People just need to bring their babies in with them when they go on the five hour excursion known as buying a new car. Once you start negotiating, just have your baby start crying and no way does the salesperson know what to do next. Oh, you want free oil changes and 10k off the sticker? No problem, just get the baby to STHU and I'll go get the paperwork ready. 


-Have a good weekend.