Super Bowl prop bets

Every year, the Super Bowl has the best prop bets. If you have time, google all of them and run through the ridiculousness. The best part about it is people actually bet on these things. The number of available bets each year only increases, which tells me more and more people are throwing money at these things. When sports gambling (notice I said when not if) is legalized, I would give anything to just have like one tenth of one percent of all the bets placed on the Super Bowl. That's not even counting the people who gamble all year round. Just give me that much of all Super Bowl bets, each year, forever. The NBA is already going pretty hard to have a big stake in gambling, but Netflix, Google, of these will probably end up having the best seat when sports gambling is legalized. Then that company's worth will skyrocket even more. But let's look at some of these bets:


How many times will Al Michaels and  Chris Collinsworth say "dynasty?"

over/under 2.5

Gotta go with the over here, right? You have to think they will each say it once, that only leaves one of them having to say it one more time. And if you bet on this one, you have to be the guy yelling at everyone to shut up because you just want to hear the announcers all game. Remind me not to come to your party. 

Length of the national anthem

over/under 2 minutes

This one always blows my mind. This has to be rigged. Every year it's right at 2 minutes. If you take the over you have to be begging Pink to slow down at the very end. Also, you can bet if she will say "eagles" at all since she's a big fan.

over/under number of tweets from Trump during the game:3.5

This all depends if players kneel or sit. Or if somebody somehow makes a political stance that is liberal. Then I would take over even if it was like 7.5. Once he gets going there is no stopping that twitter train.  Otherwise, he will probably tweet a single congratulatory tweet assuming his boy Tom Brady wins. 

Odds Justin Timberlake makes his entrance via: zipline 2/1 car 5/1 motorcycle 7/1 jet pack 15/1 dog sled 20/1 parachute 50/1 field 3/1

Safest bet here is just the field right? Gaga's entrance last year was pretty intense, so maybe he goes parachute. I'm hoping for the old school Michael Jackson concert type entrance where he's shot out of the ground, lands on his feet, and stares out into the distance without moving for a solid 60 seconds. If you liked Michael Jackson in the 80s and 90s you know what I'm talking about and you know how great it was.

Odds to make a guest appearance during the halftime show

Jay-Z 5/1 Beyonce 6/1 Jimmy Fallon 6/1 Britney Spears 22/1 Snoop Dogg 25/1 Madonna 40/1 NSYNC 100/1 Janet Jackson 200/1. Please, anyone but Madonna. Literally everyone else on this list would be awesome. I would say Janet Jackson but since the odds are so horrible I would stay away from that one. Either way, his performance will no doubt be LEGEN (wait for it) DARY.

Odds Brady wears a bandage on his right hand? Yes -130 No +100. 

This has GOT to be the easiest money you could ever make, right? Surely he wears one since he did last week and no way is it all the way healed. But after reading his TB12 book, I would have to bet "NO." I mean, he doesn't even eat regular ice cream. He eats avocado ice cream. I love avocado but that sounds like the nastiest of nasty. No gluten, no sugar, no caffeine and not much alcohol (ok maybe he drinks like a single beer after he wins Super Bowls). With all that I'm going say there is no bandage. Suck it aging. 

I'd like to think the Eagles are going to win this game. But how can you ever doubt Tom Brady and Billy B? They just always find a way to get a win, so I'm taking them. I'm also predicting that, sometime this offseason, Brady will announce he's retiring so he can go travel with Gisele because, well, happy wife=happy life, and she wanted him to retire last offseason. At least that's what she told us when my wife and I vacationed with Brady and Gisele to an undisclosed location last offseason. However,  I am 100% confident in one thing with Brady. We won't have any more Brett Favre scenarios. Whether he retires this year or in two years, when he's done, he's done. I don't see how flirting with the NFL every year like Favre did.