A letter to myself

I like Lebron. I have for a long time. I actually think, for the most part, he means well and doesn’t understand when he does or says things he looks stupid. Even when the whole “Decision” came out, and he took his talents to South Beach, I didn’t think he deserved all the flack he received. I just think he had (and maybe currently has) people around him giving him horrible advice. Not bad financial advice, because he’s killing it there. I just mean bad PR advice. When you surround yourself with a bunch of “yes men,” or people that will only agree with you, it’s hard to see when you’re doing something dumb. This is pretty much a rule in all aspects of life. I could go on and on about this, but I’m pretty sure you’re not reading this for my life advice, you’re hopefully reading this for some entertainment. Lebron surrounds himself with those people, which leads me to the latest thing he posted on Instagram. Click this below and read his post about reaching 30,000 points.




30,000 points is a lot of points, an unbelievable accomplishment, and one very few people have attained. But he makes it soooooooo hard for someone to defend him when he posts stuff like this. Was this his decision? If so, I’m completely wrong about him. Surely, SURELY, it was someone inside his group of friends or business partners that was like, “hey LeBron, you know what would be cool? You should post a congratulatory letter to yourself saying how awesome you are on the gram.” I  mean, come on! It’s nauseating when people go third person and start saying their own name in regular conversations….(actually, if you know someone like this you probably shouldn’t be friends with them)…. But this is just next level. Maybe he doesn’t care what other people think, but I’m pretty sure he does. Maybe he doesn’t have a PR director? Maybe someone totally different runs his Instragram and creates posts and only runs it by him once saying “hey I’m gonna post this are you cool with that?” Either way, this just isn’t a good look for him.


So with how great this post is, and how seeing that sending a letter, from yourself, to congratulate your future self, is what everyone should be doing, I’ve decided to write myself a quick letter of congratulations. It will be for my future self to what will be my current self for being such a kick ass husband. Get it? Okay good. Here it is:


Zak, I wanna be the first to Congratulate you on being such a great husband. Only a handful have reached/seen it too. Please try to take a moment for yourself on how you’ve done it! You sometimes clean out the hair clippings in the sink after you shave or man-maintain your scruff. You love how every time you see a Target charge on the credit card it’s never under $100. You only make your wife repeat herself three times instead of four to show how great of listener you’ve become. You only stay in the bathroom an extra ten minutes instead of fifteen, claiming to have “stomach issues,” but only when the kids are acting extra crazy. You were always 100% locked in to your wife’s every need during both deliveries of your kids, because you would NEVER just chill on the couch watching Netflix on the iPad, laughing at your favorite shows.  And you typically follow up a compliment to your wife with a compliment to yourself. There’s so many people to thank who has helped this even be possible, and when you finally realize how great of a husband you are, look up to the higher skies and say THANK YOU. So with that said, congrats again old Zak. 1 Love! #striveforgreatness.


How was that? I thought that letter to myself was pretty solid. After Lebron’s post to himself, which has about 1.5 MILLION LIKES, he followed it up with this post:




See, this is all he had to do. Post something like this AFTER you accomplish the 30k in points, and you don’t look ridiculous. Lebron, I’ll be your PR guy, and I promise I’ll charge you pennies on the dollar for what you might be paying now. Let me do this, and I might even have so many more people like you, by the time you’re done playing, they might even be convinced you were better than Jordan. So go ahead Lebron, subscribe to outsidethehustle, and I’ll take you to the next level. You’ve got nothing to lose. Otherwise, I’ll be forced to keep writing my future self congratulation letters. And nobody needs to see that.