Fake tough guys and other random notes

The NBA is the best. You never see more fake tough guys than in the modern day NBA. What other sport do you see guys act so tough and act like they want to constantly fight than in the NBA? Except nothing ever happens. Ever. Did you see the Clippers Rockets from earlier this week? The game got chippy and even the Houston coach, Mike D’antoni, got his feelings hurt because he said Blake Griffin pumped into him. Then after the game, supposedly Trevor Ariza is trying to go into the Clippers locker room and confront people in there? You’re gonna go into the opposing locker room and have it be like 1 on 12? Good luck with that. The best part about the story is it was first reported that there is apparently a back hallway that connects both locker rooms, and one player was knocking at the front entrance to create a distraction so Ariza and others could come in the other entrance. What? Who came up with this plan? And again, what were you going to do once you got inside?? I mean, whatever happened to when guys would just actually throw punches during the game.


In the 80’s and 90’s the NBA actually had tough guys that would want to fight. You think anybody wanted to mess with Alonzo Mourning. Dennis Rodman, Bill Laimbeer, or Grandmama Larry Johnson? Nobody in today’s NBA would ever want a piece of those guys. What bugs me isn’t that these guys don’t fight or want to fight like older NBA guys. It’s the fact they ACT like they always want to fight and ACT so tough. It’s not like anybody wants to see another Malice at the Palice brawl with Ron Artest….but come on. There’s a short list of guys that would actually get into a fight OFF the court. Draymond Green. Steven Adams. Guys like that. They would most likely get after it off the court. I’m not one of those “oh the NBA used to be so much better back in the day” kind of guys. But I do like it when the playoffs roll around and everything turns more serious. Today’s playoffs are more like what used to be the regular season in the 80’s and 90’s. I’ll argue all day the NBA has the best athletes in all of sports and watching them play will always be entertaining. But in the regular season, everybody just wants to go through the motions, be buddy-buddy, and then go to dinner after the game. This is all well and good, but don’t act like you wanna fight during the game when after the game is over you are going to meet up with the same dude and share a thousand dollar bottle of wine.



Some other quick thoughts:


-It’s been several weeks and I still can’t get over The OU-Georgia game. Also, did Alabama end up winning it all? I must have blacked out and I can’t find any coverage about how awesome Alabama is and always will be.


-We are two weeks away from the Super Bowl, a close second to July 4th for the most AMERICA IS AWESOME day of the year. It doesn’t matter to me who is playing, I love the Super Bowl. The hype, the commercials, the buildup, just everything about it is great. If you aren’t eating way too much of some kind of meat or drinking more than you should on a Sunday you aren’t doing it right. The Monday after the Super Bowl should be a National holiday.


-The NBA All Star game is coming up, and the starters were recently selected. There are two captains and those two choose the rest of their team. With how petty everyone in the NBA is currently, I don’t understand how the NBA isn’t televising the selections in primetime. Who wouldn’t want to see Westbrook get picked with Durant, or Chris Paul telling Curry to not pick his old teammate Blake Griffin, or Lebron picking Paul George because they want to play together next year, and so on and so on. This would be way better than the actual All Star game will be.


-Trae Young set all kinds of records Saturday with his 48 point performance in a loss against Oklahoma State. He’s an amazing player, the unanimous Player of the Year, and obviously I’m hoping he leads OU to the Final Four. But to me the most amazing stat from Saturday is he took 39 shots. 39! The game went to overtime, but it’s hard to shoot that many times in a college game. He has free range to shoot whenever and from wherever, as he should, but THAT IS SO MANY SHOTS. I don’t put up that many shots in pickup basketball, and trust me, I get up a ton of shots.


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