NFL playoffs and jean jackets

-So I guess jean jackets are back? Is this a thing? Everywhere I go I see guys wearing jean jackets. I guess this has been coming back in style for a while now, but I had no idea. And they aren’t just the denim colored jean jacket either, I’m seeing white, black, all kinds of different colors. I don’t think there’s any way I could pull this look off. You know how much confidence you have to have to wear that? You better be a professional athlete, celeb, or someone that gets paid to wear certain clothes if you’re gonna go out rockin a jean jacket. If you’re a dude reading this right now and you’re wearing one, go subscribe at the bottom of the website, I have so many questions for you. When did you buy your first jean jacket? How did you decide on that one? Do you have a girlfriend or wife? Did they pick it out? Were you with them when they picked it out? Were you like "no I can't do that babe," and they were all like "yes you can you look great," and then you should said screw it? Did none of your guy friends give you grief the first time you wore it? Are you sure they are friends with you? I could keep going but I'll stop there. On to the sports world. 


-That Minnesota Vikings game had the craziest ending I’ve ever seen in a football game. Stefon Diggs  caught a last second touchdown throw that wasn’t even a hail mary, it was a deep throw down the right sideline and the DB just straight whiffed on Diggs, who just spun around and ran it the last 30 yards for a touchdown. I think I read the DB was a rookie, but wow, that can’t happen. You have one job on defense, and that’s to not let anybody get behind you, especially if you’re the last defender back. If the last second play is a hail mary and somebody just out jumps everyone else it’s one thing, or if the ball is batted around several times, but you never see this kind of thing happen in the NFL. Ever. I think they’ll ride this momentum into the Super Bowl with a win over the Eagles this next weekend, even thought the game is in Philly. This game would feel so much bigger if Carson Wentz didn’t get hurt. Now, the real question is, no matter how you end the season, if you’re the Vikings, what do you do with your three QBs? They have Sam Bradford, who was playing really well until he (surprise surprise) got hurt again. And they have Teddy Bridgewater, another guy they love and who was playing well before he also got hurt. No matter what happens the rest the season, you’d think Case Keenum has done enough to keep his starting job. But they have three guys that can and probably should be starters in the NFL. I guess it’s a good problem to have, but I’ll be interested to see how this plays out. If you don’t have a good QB, you have no chance to win in the NFL. Just think what a team like the Broncos would be if they had a good QB.


-I’m sorry, but I’m just not buying the whole Belichick vs Brady thing right now. You really think Belichick is so fed up he wants to go to New York? And coach the Odell Beckham Jrs? I don’t think so. I don’t think Brady is going to play until he’s 45 years old, as he has said in the past, but he still has a solid one or two more years. That’s enough time for them to draft a QB this year and have him watch and learn from Brady. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Baker Mayfield to the Patriots???!!! That would be awesome, but I don’t have any idea when Mayfield will get drafted or how good he will be, and neither does about 99% of all the other draft geniuses out there.  I’m sure Belichick did not want to lose Jimmy Garoppolo, and rightfully so, but Belichik is the definition of the “next man up” attitude you have to have in the NFL. I think Brady will go down as the best ever, but I guarantee Belichick thinks he can win with pretty much anyone. Why else does he always let big names go? Why else does he sign guys you’ve never heard of who all the sudden put up huge numbers? He will figure it out, and he will keep figuring it out with the Patriots.  I’m rooting for a Patriots vs. Vikings Super Bowl in Minnesota.