The Thunder are back, baby…and so am I! Things got a little crazy for a while and I got way too far behind on blogging about the games. December just got away from me. Going forward, I’ll most likely post about once or twice per week, centered around any and all sports, but also go into some Thunder basketball. With the tens of millions of you that had subscribed to, I know you were desperate for my in depth analysis during the past month, and for that I apologize. But now you have a new site that isn’t just focused on sports.... now you have travel and food, so what more could you even need in life? If you don’t love food, traveling, or sports than you are probably not very fun to be around, so if you see me around OKC, don’t try to chat me up. Thanks. If you don't care about the Thunder and you have no heart or soul skip down to my 7 bold predictions below. If you do care about the Thunder keep reading. 


-What have I been saying all along for the first month of the season? I don’t care what happens or what their record is before Christmas. The NBA season is a marathon not a sprint, and even now people think they’ve got it all figured out. People need to relax and enjoy the games where they play well and actually move the ball, and not expect everything to click going forward. Don’t be surprised if they come back down to earth and lose to a team they shouldn’t lose to….like the Jan 4th game against the Clippers or a 15th game against the Kings. Either way, they are playing much better and all three stars are finally scoring. I knew the national media would be all over the Thunder and start saying Presti needs to break up the team. I actually like Colin Cowherd but watch this video of him and all the doom and gloom he’s bringing in this video.


Wow. That was one of the most depressing videos ever….After watching that I didn’t know if I should call my wife to say I love you foreva boo boo or try to call Sam Presti and tell him I love him no matter what. Either way he’s wrong about how that specific win from the night before doesn’t matter. Every win matters, and every win gets you closer to the 3 or 4 seed come playoff time. And everyone knows that home court is huge in the playoffs. The point is, videos like this and other national media are going to swing back and forth between super low like this and super high like they are right now. We just need to enjoy the ride and hope the Thunder gets any win they can and starts to ultimately peak come April.


-Westbrook has been the biggest difference during this turnaroud. He’s shooting 56% the past couple weeks, that’s a huge deal considering he shoots around 45% for his career. A big part of that is he’s not shooting hardly any threes lately. His mid range game is almost always on point, but I cringe whenever he starts hitting some threes, because that means there’s about six or seven more that are coming that won’t be going in. If he can continue that it makes a huge difference.


-I’ve been amazed at what Melo and PG have been saying all season long. I don’t think I’ve heard one time where they say something negative about the team or Westbrook. And you know they had some things to say early on. Or when Roberson used to airball his nightly three or free throw. Speaking of Roberson, I have to give credit where credit is due. He’s been playing great defense and isn’t taking many shots. When he does shoot, it’s typically been off a cut to the basket which, even if he misses, at least he’s close.



7 quick Bold Predictions for 2018 that are 100% going to maybe happen


1. Tiger Woods will finish in the top 3 of at least one major. The best thing for golf would be if we would win another major but I just don't see that happening. His back can't hold up and once he starts playing more this year, he will continue to break down and have to take weeks off. But nothing is better than the Masters and if Tiger was leading or a couple shots off the lead going into Sunday that would be the most watched golf tournament in history. I would watch all six hours of coverage. Well, I actually do that anyway so nothing would really change there. 


2. Oklahoma will win the national championship. Okay fine, I'm a homer. But I do think they will play Clemson in the title game and shake and baker mayfield will summon some Sooner Magic. I just hope the Sooner defense plays well enough to win. It all comes down to them. I was there for the Iowa State game and I'm pretty sure I could have scored that day. But they also played a much more physical Ohio State team and gave them all they wanted. Given, JT Barrett can't throw a 15 yard out, but he's a winner and that's a really good team. I'm banking on that defense showing up the next two games. If the Iowa State OU defense shows up, Georgia is putting 50 up. 


3. No matter what happens the rest off the college football season, your SEC friends or family will tell you how great the SEC is and how that's a real conference and how they always have high draft picks and on and on and on.  They will tell you this even though 

-they will have won one national championship in the last five years

-their bowl record this year will be under .500

-they have the worst coaches in any conference that is a constant musical chairs


4. The Warriors will win another NBA title and this time Steph Curry will be MVP. I just threw up.


5. The Patriots will win.....again. I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan but I do love me some Tom Brady so I'm not mad about this. They outcoach and outsmart every other team and their sustainability is crazy. In 20 years this dynasty will be even more amazing than people think it is now. And since we all want to live the dream and beat our kids in sports when we are in our 40's I'm currently reading the TB12 method, the book Brady wrote. Haters gonna hate. 


6. The Dodgers will win the World Series this year. The 2017 World Series was incredible. Even if you're not a baseball fan, you missed out if you didn't watch it. The Dodgers have the most stacked roster and the deepest pitching, and they will get past the Astros in another rematch. 


7. Sports gambling will be legal. I don't know if it will be legal in all 50 states, as each state might have to make the ultimate call, but it will be legal. 


More to come later. Have a healthy and happy 2018.