Post Whole30 Life

Sickness has been plaguing our house for the last couple of weeks, so I’ve been a little MIA since my Whole30 ended... but y’all, MY WHOLE30 ENDED! Completing a round always makes me feel a huge sense of accomplishment and willpower, and that 30 day reset is the best way that I’ve found for me to re-establish and reinforce good eating habits and a healthy relationship with food. Before I did my first Whole30, I’d had a several longstanding poor relationships with food (on both ends of the spectrum). Food was the problem, so I didn’t eat it. Food was the solution, so I ate ALL of it. Neither of these mentalities was healthy or accurate, so I’m thankful that I’ve been able to develop a new relationship with food that falls in the middle. Food is food, and if I’m eating properly, what I eat is both fuel and medicine. That’s not to say I don’t ever splurge on something I want, but I see those as “treats” that I have here and there, I enjoy them, and I move on. I don’t dwell on it and let it consume me, or feel bad about it, or allow myself to spiral into a mentality that I’ve already “screwed up” so why stop there? THIS is something that I never had in the past. And this is why I continue to do Whole30s and why I hope you might try it, too. If you’ve finished a Whole30 and are having trouble figuring out where to go next or how to incorporate what you’ve learned into everyday life, Melissa Hartwig (Co-creator of the Whole30) wrote a book called “Food Freedom Forever” for exactly that purpose, so check it out.   

Anyway, now that my Whole30 is over I wanted to share some products that I incorporate into my diet sometimes that aren’t necessarily Whole30 compliant, but that are mostly paleo and are better options than their commercial counterparts. Again, these are not things that I eat all the time, since I still eat Whole30 compliant foods like 80-90% of the time and am trying to eat mostly “real” foods, but these are items that I feel ok incorporating in here and there because YOLO. I buy all of these products in various supermarkets where I am, but I’m posting the link for the products webpages in case you want to know more or buy online.

First, Siete chips and tortillas. These have been a gift from Heaven for me. I’m from Texas, so chips and salsa and tacos are like life-blood for me. So when I learned that corn and I don’t get along so much, I wasn’t sure how I’d move on with my life. Ok, so that was dramatic, but seriously. I would eat tacos all day, every day if it was acceptable. Their products are completely grain free, and made from almond, coconut, and/or cassava flours. Also, no added sugars. Also, THEY’RE DELICIOUS. So I can have my chips and eat ‘em too.


Let’s talk about bread. Finding out that gluten is causing you a lot of pain and trouble is nothing short of devastating. Carbs for life, am I right? Wrong. And there are a lot of “gluten free” bread products out there, but most of them aren’t paleo and still contain other grain flours (like rice) and have added sugar. Now, there are also several paleo bread products available, but most of them are not very good, and all of them are expensive. But these from Fox Hill Kitchens are the best I’ve found. They have large and small “bunz”, “bagels”, “rollz”, and “croutonz”. I used a small bun with a burger the other night and I was not mad about it AT ALL. All of their products are completely paleo and have no sugars.


So, I almost didn’t even add this next one because his would definitely be a treat in every sense of the word, BUT it is made with paleo ingredients (sweetened with maple syrup) and is much better and cleaner than any other cookie dough out there. While natural sweeteners like maple syrup and honey are considered acceptable on a paleo diet and are much better than refined sweeteners, they are still sugars and I treat them as such. But everyone needs cookie dough in their life at some point, and this one is downright tasty and not gritty like some other gluten free cookie dough I’ve tried. Insider tip: spread it out in a little mini cast iron skillet and bake it like a pizookie. But like I said, lots of sugar, so please share it. Or don’t. It’s your life.


These next two are arguably Whole30 compliant because all of the ingredients are (I’ve seen this debated before), but I know they’re not for me because I like them for their sweetness and their likeness to cereal. These are grainless granolas that are made with nuts, seeds, and dried fruit/dates. There are other paleo granolas out there that also have honey or maple syrup added, but like I’ve mentioned, these are still sugars, so I avoid them if possible. But these two are delicious and something I like to have on hand when I want “cereal”. Wildway also makes a few other flavors, all of which are good.


A couple of days a week I like to have a protein shake for breakfast or when I need a quick meal, and this one is my favorite. It’s sweetened with stevia and has a ton of real food and super food ingredients. I throw it in a blender with some unsweetened coconut milk, a frozen avocado (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.. you can’t taste it and it makes the shake super creamy while adding a ton of good fat), and like a quarter of a frozen banana. I also throw in a scoop of collagen peptides, some maca powder, and some MCT oil/Brain Octane just for kicks. I don’t use it super often, but their pre-workout is good too. Again, lots of real food and super food ingredients and sweetened with stevia.


Who doesn’t love breakfast foods?! Eggs, good. Bacon, good. Pancakes, gooooood. I’m under the impression that breakfast for dinner is good for the soul. I found this paleo pancake mix that my family loves. When I make pancakes, my kids end up wanting these instead of the regular pancakes. Could you easily make a paleo pancake mix yourself? Sure. But some of the individual ingredients can get pricey, and if someone is going to do it for me and put it in a handy little zip pouch then I’m gonna let them. These are really good with some 4th and Heart Vanilla Bean Ghee and cashew butter, with a drizzle of date syrup or maple syrup if you’re feeling naughty.


This next one I was really skeptical about before I tried it, but I ended up really liking it and pretty much always have at least one flavor in my fridge. It’s cream cheese made from almonds. I know, sounds weird and gross. Or at least it did to me at first. But somehow it works, and is a great substitute if you’re avoiding or can’t have dairy. My favorite flavor right now is the jalapeño because I love all things spicy (insert all the praise hand emojis). Slather some of this on one of those Fox Hill everything “bagelz” mentioned above and I’m a happy camper.


So this next one is another one that I have rarely, but when I’m going somewhere where there will be dessert that I either can’t have or don’t want to have, I might take one of these along. These Hail Merry tarts are sweetened with maple syrup, and have a crust made with almond flour. There are several flavors (dark chocolate, vanilla, lemon, lime, chocolate almond butter, etc) and they all have minimal ingredients and are going to be much better than pretty much any other dessert out there.


I only have one more for you, and it’s more breakfast food! My inner Leslie Knope loves waffles. I mean, they have little cubbies to hold whatever gooey, drippy topping you put on them. If waffles are wrong, I don’t want to be right. These are paleo waffles found in the freezer section, and these also have a small amount of maple syrup added, so something I use sparingly. And yes, I could just make waffles with the Birchbenders pancake and waffle mix I mentioned above. But I’m going to be honest with you. Sometimes, with two toddlers, I’m too lazy to even do that. So enter these already made waffles that you pop in a toaster/toaster oven and call it good. BOOM. You’re welcome.


So that’s all I’ve got for you today. Just some post Whole30 goodies that make life a little sweeter without wrecking your progress. This weekend we are venturing out for some gluten free donuts and hot dogs, and I should have some more Whole30 compliant meals, so check back soon!