Treat Yo’ Self

So this is the “treat yo’ self” edition of the blog, as I’m sure you’d quickly be able to see if you just looked at the pictures. While these meals are NOT indicative of my typical food choices, these are some the “treat” meals I’ve enjoyed over the last few weeks, with most of my other meals outside of these being paleo/Whole30 compliant. I obviously don’t believe that things like this should be eaten frequently if you’re looking to better your health, so you have to decide what’s worth it for YOU. For me it’s usually not, but sometimes, IT JUST IS. 

My kids love donuts. No surprise there... are there any kids that don’t like donuts? Unfortunately, donuts are heavy on the gluten (typically), so I’m usually not able to partake in donut-eating. But there’s this cute little place here in OKC called Holey Rollers that makes all of my gluten-free donut dreams come true! They started as a food truck/trailer, but opened a permanent storefront last year. ALL of their donuts are vegan, and they always have a few flavors that are also available gluten free, so they have lots of choices that are great for many different allergies/sensitivities. Zak and I got a GF vanilla lavender and a GF chocolate sprinkle to split. While both were delicious, the vanilla lavender ROCKED MY WORLD. It’s seriously so good. They also have an array of coffee choices, which is nice, because coffee. I got a cold brew (my tried and true) with coconut milk. 


But is there a greater meal than brunch? I would argue that there’s not. Is it breakfast? Is it lunch? That’s the beauty of it. YOU DON’T HAVE TO PICK. I went to bruch with a friend the other day to another local spot called The Jones Assembly. It’s a relatively new place that does brunch, lunch, and dinner, as well as late night drinks. It also turns into a concert venue a few times a month. While their menu doesn’t specify any gluten into, they were very knowldeable and accommodating to my questions and need for things to be gluten free. I started with the fluffer nutter latte (a latte made with peanut butter and toasted marshmallow syrup... yeah, this actually exists). It’s usually made with graham cracker milk, but they told me that part was not GF so they made it with regular milk for me instead. Still phenomenal. Then I got their J Burger with a gluten free bun. Let me tell y’all, I’ve had a lot of gluten free buns at this point, and pretty much all of them are very “OK” and nothing to write home about. They serve their purpose of being a vehicle to get a patty of meat and various toppings to your mouth in a somewhat organized fashion, but outside of that they’re very unmemorable. This one was different. It was actually really good. I would have taken this one by itself, slathered some ghee on it, and happily eaten it that way. Can’t say that about many others. The burger doesn’t generally come with the egg, but I said “its brunch. PUT AN EGG ON IT”... and then I said “please,” because I’m polite like that. It also comes standard with “crispy shallots,” but they let me know that those were not gluten free and left them off. They were also quick to let me know that the fries were gluten free, as well. And that glorious little desert concoction is their flourless chocolate cake. It comes with a butterscotch sauce and a rye whipped cream. This cake is everything I’ve missed in a fudgy brownie since I stopped eating gluten. It was SO. GOOD. So dense and fudgy and life-changing. And the whipped cream was a little bit salty which I loved, because I’m a major sucker for a sweet-and-salty combo. If you don’t like mixing sweet and salty flavors then you should probably rethink your other life decisions, too. And this place just has really cool vibes, so it was a great experience in pretty much all aspects!


In my family, we are also big fans of hot dogs. We are Americans, after all. We went to Mutts Amazing Hot Dogs for dinner one night to enjoy some dogs and fries. Again, Zak and I got two different ones to split, because clearly we are super indecisive people that just want to try everything. The one on the bottom of the picture is “the hickory dog”, a bacon-wrapped dog with BBQ sauce, fried onions, and cheddar jack cheese. I had them hold the fried onions and do grilled onions instead. The one on the top right is “the pitbull,” a beef dog with cilantro-lime aioli, pepper jack cheese, and their “pitbull peppers” (grilled onions, jalapeños, habanero, poblano, and serrano peppers). We ordered both of these on gluten free buns, and they were both delicious! Their fries are also gluten free, which I’m sure most of you are asking yourself “aren’t all fries gluten free?” And the answer is a resounding NO. It’s not uncommon for places to coat fries in flour prior to frying to get a better crunch on the outside, or to use a seasoning that has a gluten component in it, so it’s always a good idea to ask. 


So that concludes this edition of “treat yo’ self,” but Zak and I are headed to Denver in a few weeks to see my family, and based on my plans and research, apparently all I plan on doing there is eating. Gluten free, of course. I might try to get outside a little bit too, because I guess it’s pretty there or whatever.