Plan For Success

Well, I’m on day 20 of this Whole30, and I intended to get this post out a couple of days ago, but I was a little busy feeling awesome so it took me longer than I planned. This is around the time that most people start to experience “tiger blood”, basically just the phase of the Whole30 where you feel like you have tons of energy, cravings are virtually gone, and most negative things that you might have been experiencing are gone or are fading, now that it’s been almost 3 weeks since you fed your body sugar and other nastiness. You generally just feel like you want to tackle the world. That’s right, not just that you CAN tackle the world, but that you WANT to. Even though I hate running and it’s one of the only forms of exercise that I don’t and won’t really do, I’m pretty convinced that I could run a marathon right now. Ok, that’s a lie, but you get the idea. I definitely see a difference in my workouts as far as strength and endurance goes. 

I’ve had a few people ask me what I think are some of the most important tips to follow to get ready for and make it though a whole Whole30 successfully. So I thought I’d share them here:

1) PLAN. Plan plan plan plan. Plan everything that you possible can. There’s that quote that says something like “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. There’s your cliche quote of the day. You’re welcome. Is failing to plan a guarantee that you’ll fail? Of course not. But it makes it a lot less likely. BELIEVE ME. Plan your meals (each one if you can), and keep an updated grocery list to make sure you have everything you need to make all of these meals. For me, this means meal planning for the week the night before I go to my grocery stores. For me, this also means doing quite a bit of food prep every Sunday so that several meals throughout the week require virtually no work, and just a little reheating. Some people can successfully “wing it”, but if you bring your Whole30 compliant lunch to work and already know that’s what you’re going to have that day, you’re not going to be as tempted to accompany everyone to your favorite Mexican restaurant at lunch time. Trust me, it’s literally impossible to deny the endless chips and salsa. So take some time and plan things out.

2) Eliminate the temptations. Before you start your Whole30, get rid of everything in the house that you can that isn’t compliant and might be problematic for you. It goes without saying that if a temptation isn’t present, you can’t give in to it. If you don’t want to throw a bunch of stuff away, then ask a friend or family member to hang onto it for you until you’re done. Hopefully you might not want a lot of back by the time you finish anyway. Certainly, there will be things you can’t get rid of, especially if there are people in your house who aren’t doing the Whole30 with you. And some temptations will be unavoidable, like when Karen at your office has a stupid birthday and there’s a stupid cake. But if you PLAN ahead and have a Whole30 compliant snack on hand to eat while everyone has their cake, you’ll be less likely to give in. See what I did with my tip-overlapping there? My biggest teases usually come from my 3-year-old, who will shove a handful of popcorn in my face repeatedly, insisting that I “have to” try some, even though I keep telling him “no, thanks”. Lord have mercy, why must popcorn smell so good? I WILL NOT GIVE IN TO YOUR TESTING, CHILD. 

3) Find accountability. Ideally, you have someone doing a Whole30 with you. That makes it SO much better. But of course, most people probably won’t. So telling a friend or family member about what you’re doing and asking for some accountability can be super important. Ask them to check in with and encourage you, or show a little tough love when necessary if that’s what you need. Sometimes just knowing that there’s someone else that knows what you’re doing, and will therefore know if you slip up, can be a motivation to stay strong. 

Ultimately, doing a Whole30 is for you. It’s your decision to start one, for the betterment of your own health (physical, mental, emotional...), and it’s your responsibility to do what is necessary for you to complete it. But these are some of the ways that I found made it a little easier on me, especially the first time I did one, and I hope it might help one of you, too. 

Ok, I promise I’ll shut up in a minute, but first I just wanted to share a few meals from the week. The picture below was a dinner where we made Whole30 compliant chicken strips/fingers with a trio of dipping sauces (I like dipping and I like sauces), and asparagus wrapped in prosciutto. Is there a food that isn’t made instantly better when you wrap it in a salty meat?? Spoiler: theres not. I legitimately love most veggies, but asparagus isn’t one of them, so I wrapped those puppies up in a little bit of prosciutto and roasted them in the oven until the asparagus was done. SO good. And here’s the link for the recipe I used for the chicken: For the sauces I just used Tessemaes ketchup, buffalo ranch (Tessemaes avocado ranch with some Franks Red Hot mixed in), and a mustard sauce that is just mayo, Dijon mustard, and whole grain mustard mixed together. 


In the last post I mentioned that I was making a pork butt/shoulder and that I had a couple of things I wanted to use it for, so that’s what the next pictures are from. First, we did a sweet potato hash topped with the pork, two over-easy fried eggs, and a chipotle sauce (mayo mixed with chipotle paste that I find at Whole Food). Seriously, my love for sauces knows no bounds. I’ll sauce anything that’s saucable. For the potatoes, just cube them up and either roast in the oven or on the stove in a big skillet, and season with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. And here’s the recipe for the pulled pork that I used and have been using for quite a while now because we love it: I also add a little garlic powder and smoked paprika to the spice mix because I’m a rebel like that, but it’s certainly not necessary. Also,  roasted brussel sprouts, again, because they give me life. 


The second thing we did with the pork was make “burrito bowls”. On the bottom there’s a big helping of broccoli and cauliflower “rice” (that you can’t really see because of all of the toppings, so I put a picture of just that down there, as well), and we topped it with the pork, diced red onions, crushed pineapple, guacamole, and more of that chipotle mayo sauce. Hi, I’m Alli, and I’m addicted to sauce. You can find riced veggies at most grocery stores now, and just sauté it up in a big skillet with some olive oil and salt and pepper. I also added some cilantro and lime juice to make it a little more Chipotle-ish. My husband will eat several different veggies, but he does NOT like broccoli, so sometimes I try to sneak it in where there are lots of flavors and I think he won’t care or mind so much. Basically like what you would do to a child.  


Ok, that’s all I have for you today. I’m sure that was more than many of you wanted, but if you’re still reading this part then you’ve read the whole thing and it couldn’t have been that bad. I’ve loved hearing from many of you, either through messages or face to face, who are doing a Whole30 or are planning to start one soon! If you have a question or if there is anything you’re curious about and want me to talk about, PLEASE let me know, because I genuinely love helping people with their Whole30 experiences!